The Dream

The Dream

Something woke me up. I wasn’t sure what it was. I listened carefully, but the house was deathly quiet. Something was different though. I sensed, rather than heard, somebody else in the room with me. The hair on the back of my neck stood rigid. I couldn’t move. This is what it meant to be scared stiff , I thought. I didn’t want “whatever-it-was” to know I was awake. I opened my eyes very slowly. I could see some light coming from the foot of the bed. Then I remembered the alarm clock on my bedside table, and assumed the light came from it. I turned very slowly towards the bedside table… the clock was unplugged. In that instant I realized I was not alone. Every hair on my body stood on end. I was paralyzed. I could hear my heart beating so loudly in my chest, that I knew “whatever-it-was” could hear it also. Slowly I turned towards the light at the foot of my bed.

I couldn’t see anybody, but I saw a soft shimmering glow in the air above the bed. I felt a peace and tranquility emanating from the glow. It enveloped me. I wondered if I was dreaming, but a cramp in my arm reminded me that I was awake. I extricated my arm from the pillow I had been hugging, and tried stretching it. It felt like I had a million pins in it.
I propped my head on the other pillow and sat up a little so I could see the glow. I moved from side to side to see if there was any shape or definition to the glow at my feet.
“With your eyes you won’t be able to see me well. The visible light spectrum you are accustomed to does not reflect me. You have to see beyond it.” I heard in my head, as my heart skipped a beat.
“Who are you?” I said.
“I can hear your mind, you don’t have to speak out loud, besides I’m not a threat to you.” I heard.
“Why are you here? What do you want?” I thought.
“I need your help.”
“How can I help? Where do you come from?”
“It’s hard to explain. We come from here. You would maybe call it a parallel world/time. We’ve always been here. Our worlds are symbiotic. We need your world and you need ours. Normally we are not allowed to interfere in your world. Except this is an emergency.”
“What kind of emergency?”
“Somebody from our world/time is changing things in your world, to benefit himself in our world/time.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Things that happen in your world also happen in ours. A few years ago, a criminal we exiled to the moon found a way to your world/time. How we don’t know, something to do with enhanced solar activity. He probably hitched a ride back from the moon with your astronauts. We don’t know how he did it. But all of a sudden he showed up in your world. What we do know is that he is…not sure what to call it. Influencing people. He puts ideas in people’s minds and makes them think they are their own ideas. We think he’s going to find a way to get back to our world/time after he creates his mischief in your world/time.”
“Why do you think he’s doing this? Is this different?”
“We’ve detected particular behavior that we recognize. Trump tweeted “covfefe” one day. In our world it means “to destroy”. We are not sure how he has done it, or who he has become in your world/time. We thought he was Bannon, but now I’m not sure.”
“Wow. This is amazing. You think Bannon is the crim from your world?”
“Not sure. It could be anybody. Maybe even Jared Kushner. We thought Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont was going to win the election, but Trump won. He had to have major help from somebody.”
“Many people think it was the Russians who helped him. You think Bannon?”
“Maybe. It’s getting worse. That’s why I’m here. The degree of change has accelerated. In the past, there was a balance between good and evil. Now a culture of greed is threatening the world, masked as a working class hero.”
“Greed? Can you explain what you mean?”
“Life on your world has maintained a balance for millennia. When things got out of balance, wars erupted and brought the balance back. Now, wars could terminate life on your world, and by extension ours as well.”
“What has that to do with greed?”
“The chasm between the rich and poor has widened tremendously. One percent now owns 70% of the wealth, and it’s getting worse. Five billion people don’t have clean water or electricity. This can only end in revolution or wars. This has happened before, but now the risk now is much greater. Your technology has advanced to the point that everything is immediate. Social networks spread information and data in seconds all over the world. People are more polarized than ever before. Besides you now have nukes.”
“I agree. The world is getting riskier by the day. But what is different this time?”
“Our criminal has found a way to influence Trump. Have you noticed anything different in this administration?”
“You think your criminal is influencing Trump?”
“Yes. We believe he is in Trump’s head most of the time. We can hear his voice when Trump speaks. Trump is very easy to influence. He’s a man who is not very bright, and is unable to assimilate differences. To him everything is the same, as long as it benefits Trump. We think this will lead to war, or revolution.”
“We have elections every four years. This is how we deal with political mistakes. Anyway, why me, and how can I help?”
“Most people wouldn’t be susceptible to communicating with us. That brief time between sleep and waking up allows us to communicate. Your space is cleaner than most. Once you walk out into the street, the randomnity of the vibrations, wavelengths, and feelings that people spew out, would block us, and prevent our communicating.”
“Ok. You didn’t tell me how I can help.”
“I thought that would be obvious. You are a blogger. We want you to blog more about the risk of totalitarianism and the need for compassion and helping others.”
“That’s it? Just to blog? I thought I was going undercover to save the world?”
“See? That’s what I mean. I love it. You are no Spring Chicken. It’s your imagination that we need, nothing else. That’s how we are going to save the world. You and a few others need to write, and write, and expand your platform throughout the world. Tell people that greed and egotism will destroy us all. The world depends on you to save it.”
“People won’t listen to me. Not when Trump promises them more money in their pocket.”
“They will, if you tell them enough times. Look at how Trump does it. He keeps repeating lies until people think its the truth. You need to do the same, but tell them truths.”

I stopped a minute to think about what my new friend had told me. I guess I was trying to do that already, but maybe not with the intensity I needed. I would have to do better.

A few hours later I woke up when a shining beam of light coming through the window landed on my face. I looked at the empty space above my feet. My room was empty.
Was that a dream? Did I speak to somebody from another dimension?
I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee and turned on the television. CNN was talking about Trump’s latest tweet. It seems that Trump thought that going back to the moon and later setting up a colony on Mars would be good for America. He said it would create millions of new jobs for Americans. It would make America great again. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was going to head the initiative, he wanted to build the first condo on the moon.

I shook my head and turned off the television. It was time to start writing.




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