“This is a great place to work, Kathy, if you can live with the sexist attitude of our boss.” Gina said.
“What do you mean, sexist?” Kathy asked.
“Gary is old fashioned, and thinks that a woman’s place is in the kitchen or the bedroom. The only reason he hires us is for window dressing. He thinks pretty girls attract more customers.” Gina said.
“Oh. My brothers also think the same way. I’m used to putting up with their bullshit. I’ll be fine.” Kathy said.
Kathy and Gina were chatting in the ladies room, a week after Kathy joined E.F. Hutton, one of the largest brokerage firms in the world, in the Colorado Springs office.
Kathy was thrilled to be able to work here, as her previous job was tending bar at the Rusty Nail, one of the various late night hot spots in town. She desperately wanted to change her life. She wanted to make something of herself. She didn’t want in 30 years to be like her mother, wishing she had taken advantage of opportunities, instead of marrying a farmer and forever worrying about the crop or the mortgage on the farm, like all her friends did.

Kathy had been told by Gary, the branch manager when she interviewed with him, that Kathy could grow with Hutton. Gary told Kathy that if he thought you could make a good broker, he would sponsor you and get you registered as a broker. Then you could make a lot of money. Gary said that was how he himself got started.

Kathy spent the next week getting familiar with all the departments of the company. On Thursday after lunch, Gary asked her in his office.
“I need a favor. There is a VIP coming in tonight. He’s a Senior VP from New York that I’m trying to recruit to come and work here. I’m pretty sure he’ll want to come, once he sees the beauty of this place,… and of the beautiful women in our town.” Gary said.
“I’m happy to help, Sir. What can I do?” Kathy said.
“First, don’t call me sir. We are very informal here. Just call me Gary. Except of course, when a big-wig from New York comes.” Gary said with a smile.
“Then, I need somebody I trust, to pick him up at the airport this evening. He’s flying in at around 7 p.m. Is that a problem for you?” Gary continued.
“No sir. I mean Gary. I’ll be happy to pick him up. Do you have the details of the flight? Where do I bring him? “ Kathy said.
“Here is the flight data.” Gary said, handing Kathy a sheet of paper, “…and you bring him here to the hotel. I’ve booked a room upstairs in his name. His name is Paul Dunbar.”
“Ok. Anything else Gary?”
“No. I’ll be gone when you return. Tell Paul that he can come down whenever he wants to, we’ll be here.  And last of all, don’t screw this up. This guy is very important to me.”

Kathy walked back to her cubicle next to Gina.
“What did he want?” Gina said leaning over the partition.
“He wants me to pick some guy from New York at the airport tonight.” Kathy said.
“We’ve heard about this guy. He’s a big broker Gary wants to recruit. I overheard Gary talking to somebody a few days ago and telling him that he was sure this guy would be moving to Colorado very soon.  Gary is trying hard to build up the production of this office. He wants to win some prize they have for office managers every year.” Gina said.
“Does Gary make us work after hours?” Kathy said.
“He considers that we work 24/7. If you want to keep this job, you better be prepared to take his calls at any time and do anything, anytime.” Gina said.
“This is better that handling drunks at 3 a.m.” Kathy said smiling, while she started typing a sign with Paul Dunbar’s name, to hold up at the airport.
“Yes it is. I’ll also bet they didn’t let you bill the Rusty Nail for manicures and pedicures, or the weekly hairdresser, like we do.”
“Really? You get to charge the office for that?” Kathy said.
“Of course. Gary wants us looking good at the office. If he sees roots in your hair or your nails are chipped, he gets pissed off and sends you to the hairdresser. It’s better to just go get fixed up at lunchtime once a week. The office has an account at the hairdresser. You don’t pay.” Gina said looking at her nails.
“Wow, that’s nice.”
“One more thing. In the summer we sometimes have pool parties, where Gary invites some clients and prospects. Gary has another pet peeve. He doesn’t like to see your pubes sneaking around your bathing suit.  You better keep your bush trimmed, get a bikini wax.” Gina said.

At 7 p.m., Kathy was waiting by the exit door with a sign with Paul Dunbar’s name on it. As people started coming out, Kathy smiled at all the men, looking for recognition when they saw the sign. Finally a tall guy in his 30’s smiled back and came over.
“I’m here.” He said.
“Mr. Dunbar? I’m Kathy. I work at Hutton. I’m going to take you to the hotel.” Kathy said shaking his hand.
“Oh, great. Thanks.” Paul said.
Kathy was understandably nervous with this VIP, and tried to take his duffel bag.
“By the way, call me Paul. Mr. Dunbar is my father. I’ll carry this. I’m stronger than you.” Paul said winking.
Kathy felt warmth coloring her face.
Why is his wink making me blush? Kathy thought as she turned away quickly and started out the door towards the parking lot. This guy is too cute.

An hour later she was standing at reception in the hotel.
“Mr. Dunbar has a reservation. Gary made it.” Kathy said to the receptionist.
The receptionist typed away on the keyboard.
“Aha. Here it is. Room 42.” She handed Paul a room key.
“Gary usually comes in at 6 a.m.  Our office is there. You can come down whenever you want. ” Kathy said pointing to a door in the lobby that read, E.F. Hutton, Inc.
“Thanks Kathy. Good night.” Paul grabbed his duffel and walked towards the elevator.

At 6:20 a.m. the next day, Kathy was making a fresh pot of coffee in the copy room. Gina came in with her empty cup.
“How did it go last night.” Gina said.
“No problem. The guy is cute. Is he married?” Kathy said.
“No clue.”
“By the way, the boss wants you in his office. Now.”
“Ok. I’m going.” Kathy said.

Kathy walked over to Gary’s office.
“Good morning Gary. You need me?”
“How did it go last night? You get him here safely?” Gary asked.
“Yep. He was in his room by 9 p.m.” Kathy said.
“How do you know? Did you go up to his room?” Gary said with a smirk.
“No. I saw him go up in the elevator just before 9. I was standing at reception.” Kathy said.
“Good. Thank you. How did he sound?”
“Good. He said the flight was fast and he napped.  Anything else?” Kathy said.
“Hmm. Yes. I’d like you to drive him up to our cabin this afternoon. And be nice to him. My family and I will be going up tomorrow or Sunday. I want this guy to fall in love with this place.  Can you do that for me? It’s important.” Gary said.
“Yes. Sure. I probably should change clothes for the drive. I’ll go home at lunch and change.” Kathy said.
“Why? You look hot in those clothes. Don’t change” Gary said looking her up and down.
Kathy felt the blush starting.
“OK. If you think so.” Kathy said, feeling self conscious, and turning towards her desk.

As she approached her desk she noticed Gina watching her.
“What did he want?” Gina said as soon as she sat down.
“He asked me to drive this guy, the VIP, to his cabin later. Do you know where it is?”
“Oh yeah. I’ve been there a few times. I’ll draw you a map. What else did he say?” Gina said.
“Nothing, he told me to be nice to him. That it’s important that this guy falls in love with Colorado Springs.” Kathy said.
“Do you know what that means?” Gina said.
“No, why?”
“He wants you to fuck him.” Gina said softly.
“Stop it.” Kathy said.
“I’m serious. You are not the first one. Even I had to fuck for Hutton when I first arrived. But since you are the new girl, it is your turn now.” Gina said.
“Everybody does it?” Kathy said flabbergasted.
“You are in the big leagues now. You want to play, you have to pay.” Gina said.

Kathy sat at her desk, moving papers around, while she digested what Gina said. She discretely looked at the other women in the office. It was hard to believe this was going on at E.F. Hutton. Hutton was one of the top firms in Wall Street. She looked at her clock -almost noon. In two hours she was supposed to drive this guy up the mountains. What if she just dropped him off and came back? What could Gary do? How would he know? If she came back and the guy wasn’t happy, her ass would be back on the street in a heartbeat. God. She didn’t know what to do. Maybe she could say she had her period. For sure that would relieve her.
Kathy turned to Gina.
“What if I have my period?” Kathy asked.
“Then you better give him really good head. Gary doesn’t care for excuses. Period. If he said you were supposed to be nice to him, that what it means.” Gina said.

Kathy worked at her desk, occasionally looking over to the office that Paul was using.
He’s actually very good looking. I could do worse.
Soon the markets closed and Kathy noticed a number of men, farmers by the look of them, walking into the conference room.  There was a presentation about hedging their crops scheduled in a few minutes.
Gina was leading Paul into the conference room, where about 50 men were sitting, waiting for Gary. One of the other girls had suggested that Kathy listen in, and learn a little about commodities. Kathy got up and followed them into the conference room. Paul sat on the front row, and Kathy sat down in empty chair at the back of the room.

Gary surveyed the audience. Half the farmers seemed asleep.  He leaned over and took off one of his loafers. He stood dramatically with his shoe in hand and surveyed his audience. He then slammed the heel of his loafer hard on the podium.
“When I talk about soybeans, my dick gets hard!” Gary screamed into the microphone.
The entire room woke up startled, and started to laugh. He had them now. They were riveted to his presentation.
A few minutes later, Kathy snuck out and went back to her desk, to close up before leaving for the mountains.

At 3 p.m. Kathy went to the garage to get her Honda, and parked it in front of the hotel. She went into the office to tell Paul she was ready. Paul was at reception, chatting with Gary, and he had his duffel bag by his feet. When Paul saw Kathy approaching, he picked up his duffel and shook Gary’s hand goodbye.
“I’m ready.” Paul said smiling at Kathy.
Kathy felt that familiar blush creeping on, knowing what was in store for them. She wondered if this was supposed to be an accidental encounter, or if Paul expected to have sex with her? It would be so much nicer if this appeared natural instead of orchestrated. In any case, she was resigned. Fortunately she was wearing black lacy underwear today.
Gary waved at them. “Have fun, you two.”

A few minutes later the Honda joined the throng of cars angling to get out of town before the snow started. Unfortunately, it was already starting. The weather report said 18 inches tonight in town, more in the mountains. Kathy headed west on Highway 24. A couple of hours later the snow was coming down hard. The roads had not been plowed recently and it was getting harder to see  the road. There were no tracks to follow.
The visibility got worse as they climbed up the mountain. Kathy was hunched over the steering wheel trying to see through the blinding snow.  They slowed to a crawl. While they were driving through the woods and under trees, it was fairly easy to see where the road was, but soon they came upon a clearing and everything in front of them was blanketed in a couple of feet of snow. They couldn’t see where the road was. They slowed down even more.

Then the car tilted sideways and they slowly slid off the road. Fortunately they only slid about 3 feet and were now stuck in a snowbank. Kathy started to cry. She was shaking in fear.
“Hey Kathy, we’re ok, nothing happened. We just slid off the road a bit.” Paul said.
“What are we going to do? We’ll die here.” Kathy said.
“No we won’t. Relax. We’ll get out of here in no time.” Paul said.
Paul opened the door and tried to get out. The snow was very soft, so it gave way, only dumping about a foot of powder into the seat. Paul stomped around the car to flatten the snow so Kathy could get out. After a few minutes Kathy relaxed and got out of the Honda.
“Isn’t this beautiful?” Paul said.
“I…I guess so.” Kathy said.
All of a sudden they heard a motor. Soon they saw the headlights of a truck coming out of the trees. When the driver of the truck saw them, he stopped next to the car and got out of the truck.
“You guys need a tow?” He said.
“Definitely! Thanks.” Paul said.

The driver of the truck bounded down with a tow rope in hand. After checking that they were OK, he attached the rope to something under the bumper. Then he took the other end and climbed back up to his truck and attached it to his trailer hitch.
Paul got into the driver’s seat and told Kathy get in the other door. Soon the truck started slowly pulling. In a few minutes they were back on the road and the driver came back to help disconnect the vehicles.
“You guys should follow my tracks, that way you won’t fall off again.” He said with a smile.
“I agree, and thank you very much. You saved our lives.” Paul said.
“Yeah, in a few hours you would have been buried completely under the snow. We are supposed to get another 18 inches tonight.” He said.
Kathy and Paul climbed back into the Honda and followed the truck up the mountain. Kathy was so grateful that Paul had been there. She had almost lost it, when the car went off the road. She was still shaken. Even if she wanted to, there was no way she would be able to drive back tonight. She closed her eyes and tried to rest.

In less than an hour they were at the cabin.
“Do you mind if I have a drink? I think I need it. Do you want one?” Kathy said.
“What’s he have?” Paul asked turning on the gas in the fireplace and watching it envelop the fake logs.
“Everything.” Kathy answered looking at the bar.
“I’ll take a scotch and water, with a little ice, if you please.” Paul said.
A few minutes later they were sitting on the couch facing the fireplace, and chatting about her work at Hutton. Kathy told him she really enjoyed working with the customers. She said she was raised in a farm, and the customers were her kind of people.
Kathy looked out the window and saw the snow continuing to fall.  Paul followed her gaze.
“What are you going to do? You can’t drive back in this weather.” Paul said.
“Do you mind if I say the night and go back in the morning? They should have the road plowed by then.” Kathy said nervously.
“Of course. There are four bedrooms here. Lots of space.” Paul said.
Kathy got up and poured another set of drinks for them.
“Are you hungry?” She said.
“I could eat a horse. Is there any food here?” Paul said.
Kathy opened the freezer.
“There is probably an entire steer here. You like steak?” Kathy said.
“Medium rare.” Paul said with that smile that seemed to evoke strange feelings in Kathy’s groin.
Kathy started working in the kitchen to distract herself from what was to come.

A couple of hours later they finished eating and Paul yawned.
“That was wonderful. Thank you. I’m going to hit the rack. I’m exhausted. You need anything?” Paul said.
Kathy was looking into the fireplace, worried that this was not going as planned.  Paul was being a gentleman and had not tried anything.
I need to do something to get his attention. I’m not sure what to do, except take my clothes off right now.
“I’m still scared by our accident this evening on the road up. Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?” Kathy said.
Paul appeared startled.
Oh my God. Is he gay?
“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” Paul said.
“Not really. I just need to hug somebody tonight.” Kathy said.
“It’s probably not a good idea to do that. I’m not sure I could trust myself. I’m sure you will be fine.” Paul said nervously.
Kathy started to tear up.
“Please?” She said.
Paul appeared shocked. Kathy’s tears were running down her face smearing her mascara.
“Please don’t tell Gary. I was supposed to seduce you. He will ask me if I did, and if I didn’t he will fire me.”
“Wait a minute. He ordered you to sleep with me?” Paul said, handing her a tissue.
Kathy nodded.
“He told everybody in the office that you were going to come to work here. Sleeping with you was supposed to be a small sweetener.” She said.
“You let Gary order you to do stuff like this?” Paul asked.
“I’ve never done this before. This is a really good paying job, and it’s a lot of fun to work at Hutton. I don’t want to lose my job.” She said wiping her face.
“He can’t fire you for this. You could sue him.” Paul said.
“Yes, but then I’d lose my job and he knows everybody in town. I couldn’t get another job here or anywhere in the financial world.” She said.
“I don’t know what to say.” Paul said.
“Am I that ugly that you won’t sleep with me?” She said.
“No, of course not. You are a beautiful woman and very desirable. I just prefer to be the one who starts… I don’t know how to say this. I’ve never been with somebody who has been ordered to sleep with me.” Paul said.
Kathy started crying again.
“Ok. Don’t cry. There is a huge king sized bed in the guest room. You can sleep there with me.” Paul said.
“Thank you. You have to promise me that if Gary asks you that you will tell him we slept together. That we made love together.” She said.
“Amazing. This has never happened to me before. Wipe your eyes. I seriously doubt that he would ask me, but I will tell him if he does.” Paul said.
“He would know if I slept in another bed, so thank you very, very much.” Kathy said finally smiling.

A few minutes later they went into the bedroom. When Paul went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, Kathy took off her clothes and jumped under the covers, and facing away from Paul.
I wonder what he looks like with his clothes off.
In a few minutes Paul emerged and took off his clothes. Kathy didn’t say anything. She was worried that Paul could hear her heartbeat.
Paul turned the lights off.
“Good night Kathy. Sleep well.” Paul said.
This is not going as I expected. I usually am not the instigator. This is harder than I thought. Let’s try something new.
“Can I spoon you?” Kathy said timidly.
A couple of heartbeats later.
“Sure.” Paul said.
Kathy quickly removed her underwear and turned over. She then carefully put her arm over Paul. Then she slowly slid next to Paul till their bodies touched. Kathy was sure that Paul could feel her heartbeat on his back as she pressed her breasts against him. She could feel his heart as her hand rested on the hair on his chest.
I’ve got to relax somehow. I feel like I’m going to come apart.
Kathy decided to focus on trying to relax all her muscles, one by one. This had always worked to help her go to sleep before.  But then she didn’t have this good looking guy in her arms before.
She soon noticed that Paul heartbeat had slowed and his breathing became regular.
Shit. This guy has fallen asleep on me?
She slowly moved her hand down his chest.
Oh my god. He’s not wearing underwear. This is his penis in my hand, and it’s growing.
In a few minutes Paul, still asleep, turned over. Kathy moved into his arms and put her left leg over him, while gently guiding him into her.  All of a sudden her insides were on fire as he started thrusting into her. Soon they were spent, and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, Paul woke first and quietly went into the shower. He wondered about his dreams, but attributed them to his proximity to the beautiful girl in his bed. When he finished he got dressed and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

About 30 minutes later, while Paul was watching the news on the television, Kathy emerged from the bedroom with a great smile.
“I slept like a log.” Kathy said.
“Me too.” Paul lied.
“Are you going skiing this morning?” Kathy  asked.
“Yep. But I want to look around and see if I can find another sweater to wear.” Paul said as he walked into Gary’s office.
Kathy followed him. Paul went to a closet and opened the door. Behind the door he found a stack of 3 video cassette recorders. One of them seemed to be recording. Paul looked at this for a minute and then turned around and walked back into the bedroom they had just vacated. Paul looked around carefully. He looked at the picture frames on the walls. Then he walked up to the wall opposite the bed and picked up a stuffed bear on a shelf. The bear was connected to a wire that ran into the wall.
“Naughty, naughty. We just caught you, Gary.” Paul said.
“What is that?” Kathy said.
“Gary is recording any movement in this room.” Paul said putting the little bear back on the shelf.
“Lets see what else he has.” Paul said going back to Gary’s office.
Paul stopped the VCR and rewound the tape.  Then he pressed Play.
On the screen he could see Paul and Kathy entering the bedroom and dropping off the duffel bag, then leaving. After a few seconds they saw Paul and Kathy entering the room, to go to bed.
“Gary has this set on a motion detector. Whenever anybody enters the room it turns on.” Paul said.
Kathy was freaked out. They were about to see what happened in bed last night. They saw Paul going into the bathroom and then watched Kathy taking off her clothes. Kathy was glued to the screen.  She had never seen herself on video before.
“That is very sexy underwear.” Paul said teasingly.
Kathy could not answer, she knew what was coming next on the video. Then they saw Paul leave the bathroom and take off his clothes.
“So is your underwear. I would have taken you for a boxer type of guy.” Kathy said smiling.
Then they both watched the screen as Kathy put her arms over Paul and spooned him. They both watched themselves make love on the screen. They were spellbound.
“I thought I was dreaming last night. I guess it was not a dream.” Paul said and stopped the tape.
Paul looked on the other side of the closet. There were dozens of tapes. All of them were dated. Paul took one out at random and inserted it into the player. The same thing happened. A couple walked into the bedroom. After a while they started necking on the bed, and soon were wrapped in passionate lovemaking. Paul stopped the tape and looked at Kathy.
“Gary is a very sick guy. What do you want to do about this?” Paul said.
“I don’t …I don’t know what to say.” Kathy said.
“First of all, we are going to remove the evidence.” Paul said grabbing the tapes from the shelf and dropping the tapes into his duffel bag. One tape fell to the floor and Paul kicked it under the dresser, where it would not be easily discovered.
Paul started laughing softly.
“What’s happening?” Kathy said.
“I would love to have a recording of Gary’s face when he discovers that his tapes are gone. It will be priceless.” Paul said.
“We need to get out of here before he comes. He probably keeps a gun here somewhere. He has a couple in the office, so he must also have one or more here. We need to get out.” Kathy said nervously.
“I agree. Let’s grab our stuff and leave. We can stop somewhere and decide what to do next.” Paul said.

A few minutes later Paul and Kathy were back in the Honda and driving out of town with a duffel bag full of VCR tapes.
“What are you doing the rest of the weekend?” Paul said.
“Nothing why?”
“We need to watch all the tapes. That would determine what we do next, I think.” Paul said.
“I’m hungry, you?” Kathy said.
“Look. There is motel advertising vacancies. Let’s get a room and see what we’ve got in the duffel. We can grab breakfast first at that McDonalds.” Paul said pointing to the McDonalds next to the motel.

An hour later they walked into the motel room. Paul set the duffel on the bed and starting sorting the tapes by date. He took a notepad and labeled the page with the date on the tape. Then he inserted the first tape. They both sat on the king bed and watched the tapes. When each tape started Paul asked Kathy if she knew the players. Most of the women worked at Hutton.
“Oh my god. That’s Gina. I work with her.” Kathy said.
“The others are probably the girls who no longer work at Hutton.” Paul  ventured.
Together they spent the morning watching Gary’s porn.
“Let’s go grab a burger or something. I need to breathe some fresh air.” Paul said.
“Yes. I agree.” Kathy said.

They sat at McDonalds and slowly ate. Both lost in their thoughts. When they finished Kathy took the wrapping and leftovers and tossed them in the bin.
“What do you want to do, Paul?” Kathy said.
“We can’t go anywhere till we know where we stand. We need to see all the tapes and then decide. Can you stay over with me another night?” Paul said.
Kathy’s heart skipped a beat. “Yes, but I don’t have the right clothes.”
“I think you look pretty damned good, if I may say so.” Paul said.
Kathy blushed. “Thanks. I need clean underwear, to start.”
I’m not sure where we can get you anything here. You can wash your underwear by hand and maybe you can wear one of my shirts or something.”
“Ok. Let’s go back and get the movies started again. By the way, does this stuff turn you on?” Kathy said.
Paul hesitated. “I hate to say it, but it does. How about you?” Paul said.
“Me too. I’m getting a bit horny watching it.” Kathy said.
They both looked at each other over the table.
“Let’s get back before I attack you right here in McDonalds.” Paul said laughing.

When they got back to the room Paul gave Kathy a clean shirt and one of his clean underpants.
“You are a bit overdressed in that mini skirt for an adventure in the snow. Try this. It should be more comfortable than what you are wearing.” Paul said.
“Gary would not let me change. He thought you would like it.” Kathy said going into the bathroom.
A few minutes later Paul heard the water running in the bathroom, as he reviewed the notes he took watching the tapes. All the women in the tapes were or had been Hutton employees. Obviously none of the participants knew they were being filmed. Now the question was what to do about it. Gary would soon, if he didn’t know already, know that his tapes were gone, and that Paul had them. Gary would soon try to find Paul. Paul needed to chat with his lawyer before going back to work in New York.
The bathroom door opened and Kathy emerged sporting Pauls blue button-down shirt with the ends tied around her waist, and his underwear.
“My god, you look beautiful…in my underwear.” Paul said smiling.
“You are making me blush, Paul.” Kathy said as she approached the bed.
Paul’s mouth was dry. Kathy stopped in front of him.
“You have too many clothes on. Let me help you.” Kathy said as she unbuttoned his shirt.
“Then I want my clothes back.” Paul said as he peeled his underpants off her, and undid the knot in his shirt.

After breakfast Sunday morning they decided to drive back to Colorado Springs.
“Gary would find out if you, or I, checked into a hotel nearby, so we need to stay with friends.” Kathy said.
Kathy thought that her apartment would be the first place that Gary would look for her, so she called a friend from her days when she worked at the Rusty Nail. Her friend agreed to let her come for a few days without any explanations, and said she had to go out of town for a couple of days anyway.
“Ok, we’ve established that all the girls in the videos are probably Hutton or ex-Hutton girls. Now what?” Kathy said while driving.
“It’s a crime to do what Gary did.” Paul said.
“Yes, but we’ve removed the evidence. Now we can’t prove that Gary did it.” Kathy said.
“Actually, I left a tape hidden in the office. If push comes to shove we can report this to the police and they will find it.”
“I think we should talk to some of the girls, before we commit to doing anything.” Kathy said.
“I agree.”
“The only one I know well is Gina.” Kathy said.
“Can you reach her today?” Paul said.
Kathy nodded. “I’ll get her to meet us at a coffee shop I know away from the office.”

Kathy and Paul were sitting in the coffee shop when Gina arrived. She gave a startled look when she saw Paul with Kathy.
“Hi Gina. Have a coffee or something. Sit down, Paul and I have something to tell you.” Kathy said.
“What are you two doing here. I thought you would be skiing or something.” Gina said.
“We were. I’m not sure where to start.” Kathy said.
“What’s going on?” Gina said.
“You’ve been to the cabin before. How many times did you go?” Kathy said.
“Hmm, twice, why?” Gina said.
“Did you know that Gary taped your sexual adventure?” Kathy said.
Gina was frozen for a few seconds.
“What the fuck?” Gina said.
Kathy took a deep breath. “Paul was looking to borrow a sweater to go skiing, and went into Gary office, in the cabin. He found a closet, that apparently Gary forgot to lock, with dozens of VCR tapes. The tapes were recordings of everything that happened in the guest room.”
Gina looked at Paul.
“Yes. We looked at all the tapes, including the two with you in in them.” Paul said.
“I am so freaked out, I’m not even embarrassed. Who else was in the tapes?” Gina said.A few of the girls in the office. The rest we presume are ex-employees, I don’t know them.” Kathy said.
“Holy fuck! What are you going to do? Where are the tapes?” Gina said.
“Safe.” Paul said.
“I want to see them.” Gina said.
“There are dozens. It will take all day to see them.” Kathy said.
“No,  I don’t want to check out the sex scenes, I just want to see every girl. I want to see if they are Hutton girls or not.”
“Give us a minute. Paul, come with me for a second. We need to made a decision.” Kathy said getting up and grabbing Paul’s arm.
When they walked to the ladies room Kathy looked inside and when she saw it was empty, pulled Paul behind her into the ladies room and locked the door.
“I trust Gina and she should see the tapes. My concern was that she would be on Gary’s side and give us away to Gary. I don’t believe that now. I think its safe to show them to her. Let’s take her to the apartment and she can see them. What do you think?” Kathy said.
“I agree. Lets do it.” Paul said.
The two of them walked back to the table and Paul put some money on the table to cover the coffees.
“We want to show them to you. Follow us in your car.” Paul said walking out with Kathy.

By late afternoon, they had finished watching the tapes. Kathy had made a pot of tea and was handing out cups.
“My immediate concern is work. I am supposed to go to work tomorrow, and I cannot do that. Gary probably arrived Saturday or Sunday and when he discovered the missing tapes he must have gone ballistic. You, Gina, are a different story. You are not supposed to know anything about the tapes. However, since you are my friend in the office, he will surely grill you to find out what you know. It would be best if you don’t show up for work till this is solved.” Kathy said.
“I don’t fucking want to go back there, ever again! All those girls are or were Hutton employees.” Gina said.
“Then you might want to stay with us for a day or two. Gary will go looking for you if you don’t show up for work.” Kathy said.
“Ok. I can do that. I want to go to the drugstore and get a few things. Do you want to go with me, Kathy?” Gina said.
“Yes, I also need a few things.” Kathy said with a smile, remembering Paul’s shirt and underwear episode.
“I will stay and make a few calls. I’ll try to reach my lawyer and get some feedback.” Paul said.

Kathy and Gina left the apartment looking for a drugstore.
“Jesus Kathy. What a fucking mess. What are we going to do?” Gina said.
“That’s what we need to decide. If we turn the tapes over to the police, he may get arrested. Maybe he’ll get but on bail, but he has so many friends, we would not be safe anyway. In any case we will need to get a new job. But this scumbag has been coercing us to have sex with his friends and was recording it! My god! I want to kill the son of a bitch.” Kathy said.
“Yeah. Me too. But I’d rather get even somehow. I want to watch the SOB suffer and burn in hell.” Gina said.
“You know him better. What does he value the most? Is it his family, his money, what?” Kathy asked.
Gina thought about it for a few seconds.
“He’s vain. Maybe his position in society. He’s a trader, he can make money fast. Maybe his family, though by his behavior, I doubt it.” Gina said.
“Have you slept with him?” Kathy said.
“Once. At the first Christmas party we had in the new office.” Gina said.
“What can you tell me about him. What’s he like? Rough sex? or what does he like?” Kathy said.
“Yes. He fucks like he wants to punish you. He leads with his dick. Threw me over a table in the storage room and tried to penetrate me in the bum. I didn’t want that, so he just entered me vaginally and came in three strokes. Doesn’t give a shit about anything except getting his rocks off. Then he walks away without even a by-your-leave.” Gina said.
“Three stroke Gary. That’s what we should call him.” Kathy said trying to bring some levity in the conversation while they walked back to the apartment.
“Your friend Paul just screwed up our life. If he hadn’t come we wouldn’t have to deal with this shit.” Gina said.
“This was happening before Paul came. Paul didn’t record anything. He’s been a true gentleman. He just discovered what the scumbag was doing.” Kathy said defensively.
“I know. I’m just so freaked out. What are we going to do? I need a job.” Gina said.
“We’ll figure it out. Paul will help us.” Kathy said.

When they returned to the apartment they found Paul watching one of the tapes.
“Haven’t you had enough of that Paul?” Gina said.
“I wanted to check to see if Gary was in any of them. The only thing  I found is one time when he showed one of his friends the guest room.  There was no sex, but when he entered the room, the recorder started recording. Then the next scene shows his friends entering with one of the girls. That proves that Gary was involved with this. He can’t say he didn’t know anything about it.” Paul said.
“Gina, were any of the girls in the tapes married?” Kathy said.
“Yes. If this comes out it could ruin their lives.” Gina said.
“That’s the answer. We don’t report this now. I spoke to my lawyer friend, and he tells me that once you report this to the authorities, it will be all over the news. Even the tapes may leak out. So we deal with this ourselves.” Paul  said.
“Why are you doing this Paul. This doesn’t affect you? Your reputation would not suffer if it came out that you had sex with somebody in the office. It may even enhance your reputation.” Gina said.
“Not everybody is like Gary. I couldn’t sit by and do nothing. He used me. The asshole betrayed everybody who worked for him.” Paul said.

That evening the three of them sat in the living room discussing strategy. They knew that reporting him to the authorities would not give them satisfaction, and it would damage their reputation. They needed to hurt him where it counted, his money and standing in society.
By midnight the three of them were exhausted.
“I’m bushed. Can I sleep in the same bed as you two?” Gina said.
“Sure. Kathy?” Paul said.
Yes. It’s a big bed.” Kathy said getting up and walking into the bedroom. She took off her clothes and got into bed in her black lacy underwear. A few seconds later, Gina walked into the bedroom and peeled off her sweater and jeans. Then she got into the other side of the bed, also wearing a bra and panties. When Paul arrived he sat on a chair and started removing his socks.
“Glad you take your socks off first.  A naked man with socks is a real turn off.” Gina said.
“Where do you want me, ladies?” Paul said.
Kathy threw back the comforter and pointed to the space between them. “Here, between us.”
Paul then unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Kathy looked at Gina and whispered.
“All this video shit has turned me on.”
Paul pretended he hadn’t heard that and continued undressing. He peeled his Levis off and walked to the foot of the bed.
“Is that a banana in your crotch, or are you happy to see us?” Gina said.
Embarrassed with his erection, Paul climbed into the bed between them.
“Oh dear me. Will I be able to survive this night?” Paul said, as both Gina and Kathy reached to remove his underwear.
“I think this man is ready for us, what do you think Gina?” Said Kathy as she peeled off her black lacy panties and removed her bra.
“I think so.” Gina said, removing her remaining clothes.

“We have to attack him in various ways. We need to let his wife know. We need to get him to pay a lot of money, which we will distribute among the victims. We need to get him to lose his broker license. What else?” Kathy said while they were having coffee Monday morning.
“Castrate him?” Gina said.
“That would be an unexpected bonus. What you are suggesting would be covered if we sued him. In addition the police would probably file criminal charges and he could do some time in jail in addition to everything you mentioned. Since he is cute and chubby, he may get to be somebody’s boyfriend in jail. ” Paul said smiling.
Then Paul had an unexpected thought.
“Was Gary at the cabin when you were there?”
“Yes. Why?” Gina said.
“Did he offer you anything to drink? I’m wondering if he gave you ladies anything to drink that would make it easier to seduce you? Did he ever give you Quaaludes?” Paul said.
“He did make the drinks. He always did. I don’t know about those pills.” Gina said.
“Do you remember if you felt any different after you had the drinks?” Paul said.
“Yes, but I thought it was that I was getting drunk because of the altitude. That’s what Gary said.” Gina said.
“Gary probably mixed a Quaalude in with your drink. It is supposed to lower your inhibitions. People use it for sex.” Paul said.
“That bastard!” Gina said.
“You should call in sick today, Gina.” Kathy said.
“Is there anybody there who you could chat with to see if anybody is saying anything about Kathy?” Paul said.
“Sure, Ellen at reception is nice to me. I can ask her.” Gina said.
“I think you should also call in sick. Just to cover your ass. It doesn’t hurt. Just don’t speak to Gary. Make it sound like you are dying, and call Ellen.” Paul suggested to Kathy.

“EF Hutton, Good morning, how may I direct your call?”
“Ellen? This is Gina. I’m really sick. Something I ate this weekend.” Gina said, trying to should sickly.
“Good morning Gina. You sound terrible. Stay in bed. Chicken soup is the cure, my mother used to say. Get well soon.”
“Has anybody been looking for me today?” Gina said.
“Nope. Gary is late today. He called in this morning looking for Kathy, but she’s not in yet.” Ellen said.
“Ok. Thanks Ellen. I’m going back to bed.” Gina told Ellen.
Let’s wait a few minutes and then I’ll call. I’m going to say I twisted my ankle skiing, and I’ll be back in a few days. ” Said Kathy.

After having another cup of coffee, they sat around the couch and waited for Kathy to make the call.
“EF Hutton, Good morning, how may I direct your call?”
Hi, Ellen. This is Kathy. I’m not coming in today, I twisted my ankle this weekend skiing and I need to stay off it for a couple of days. Do I have any messages?”
“Gary has been looking for you. He’s not in yet, but he’s called a few times looking for you. He wants you to call him at the cabin, as soon as you check in.”
“Thanks Ellen. I’ll give him a call.”
Kathy hung the phone.
“The ball is in play. Gary is looking for me and wants me to call him at the cabin ASAP.”
“I don’t think you should do it.” Gina said.
“Of course not. Let him sweat. I’d love to be a fly on his wall now. He must be totally freaked out.” Kathy said.
“On that note, I’m going to take a shower and shave.” Paul said walking over to the bathroom.
“Can I borrow your razor?” Kathy said.
“After I use it first.” Paul said closing the bathroom door.

Kathy finished her coffee and followed Paul into the bathroom.
Paul was in the shower stall under the running water. Steam was building so that she couldn’t see herself in the mirror. She could see Paul lathering himself.
Oh well. I guess I need some lathering too.
Kathy entered the shower. “Can you lather my back?
Paul with water running down his face answered. “Only if you lather mine.”
Kathy turned and faced Paul. “Let me have some soap. I think you missed a few spots on your body.”
Paul handed Kathy the bottle of soap. She looked down.
“I think our friend here needs some attention.” Kathy said as she held his quickly hardening penis.
“Is there any room for me in the shower?” Gina said, having entered the bathroom without them noticing.
“Sure. If Kathy doesn’t mind sharing the soap.” Paul said laughing.
Kathy looked at Gina’s bush.
“Can I get a bikini trim like yours?” Kathy said.
“I think Paul should do it. Sit down on the bench and spread your legs. Paul be careful. Use a lot of soap. The area is very delicate. If this bothers you let me know.” Gina said reaching for Paul’s penis.

An hour later they were all lying and resting on the king sized bed.
“Now that we’ve played, we need to decide what to do with Gary. We’ve talked around, but I don’t really know what we are doing.” Kathy said.
“Let’s start by getting a tape to his wife. You said you left one at the cabin, so you don’t have to see her or anything except to tell her where it is.” Gina said.
“The problem with leading with that, is that his wife may throw him out and close out their bank accounts.” Paul said.
“Gary has money at Hutton. Can we attach that money?” Gina said.
“You need a court order to do it.” Paul said.
“Maybe you file a Class Action suit and, if we are lucky, we can get a judge to freeze his accounts.” Paul continued.
The three of them continued strategizing all day. Finally they came up with a plan they thought would work.
“I know you would like to castrate the guy, but it would get you into a ton of trouble. Getting fired, divorced, getting sued, and going to jail should be enough to satisfy anybody. Don’t you think?” Said Paul.
Reluctantly Kathy and Gina nodded.
“Tomorrow morning we will contact a lawyer and get the lawsuit started. Gina, since you know some of the girls in the videos, are in charge of contacting all the women. Paul, it’s been nice, but this is our battle. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us, but you should go home and let us deal with this.” Kathy said.
“I was getting excited being part of this, but you are right. I would just muddy up the waters. By the way, if you need a little money to hold you till you get a new job, let me know. I feel sort of responsible for what’s happened.” Paul said.
“We appreciate it. We’ll let you know. Maybe just cover the rent for a month or two?” Kathy said.
“No problem, just let me know.” Paul said.
Let’s order some pizza and get an early start tomorrow, We have a lot to do.” Gina said.
The three of them were subdued, lost in their own thoughts, throughout the evening. Soon they all retired to the bedroom and quickly fell asleep.

In the morning Paul went to a Radio Shack nearby and bought a VCR and two dozen empty VCR cassettes. He returned to the apartment and connected the VCRs so they could duplicate the videos. Fortunately they could record at high speed, so they wouldn’t have to spend 24 hours copying them. Once he finished setting it up, he called the airlines to schedule a flight back to New York. Gina went to her apartment to check with the neighbors to see if anybody had been looking for her. She was relieved to find that nobody had been snooping around.

After Paul checked to see that the VCR was recording properly he packed his duffel.
“Do you want to give me a ride to the airport Kathy? I have a later flight, but I may be able to go standby and arrive a bit earlier.”
“Sure. You ready now?” Kathy said.

A few minutes later Kathy was pulling out of her parking space and driving to the front of the building where Paul was waiting.
“Will you keep me abreast of the developments as they come?” Paul said as they were driving towards the airport.
“Sure. The first thing is to get together with all the girls and break the news to them. It’s going to take a few days to get this done. I’ll let you know what happens.” Kathy said.
Paul wrote all his phone numbers on the back of a business card.
“The easiest is to call me after the close, or in the evening at home.”
A few minutes later they pulled up at ‘Departures’ and Paul got out. Kathy followed him out and opened the rear door so he could remove his duffel.
“It has been quite an adventure, Paul. Thanks for the help. God knows what that asshole would have done with those tapes if you hadn’t found them. I shudder to think about it.”
“I hate to say this, but I’ve had a really good time with you this weekend.”
“Me too.  Go now.” Kathy reached for Paul and kissed him goodbye. Then she got back in her car and drove off, leaving Paul on the curb slowly waving goodbye.

When Kathy returned to the apartment she found Gina pouring a drink for herself.
“You want a drink?” Gina said.
“Yes, thanks. Did you find anything?”
“Nobody was snooping at my place. I drove by your place and there didn’t appear to be anybody there either. I think we can go back to our own apartments soon.” Gina said.
“Yes, maybe tomorrow. Can you call everybody you know who was on the tape and ask them to come over tonight? Tell them it’s urgent. We need to get this started ASAP.” Kathy said.

By 7 p.m., Gina had invited 6 of the women. Some were reluctant to come without knowing what it was about, but when Gina mentioned a weekend at Gary’s cabin, they all agreed.
When the women were finally seated, sipping a glass of wine, Kathy started.
“I’m Kathy, and until last weekend both Gina and I worked at E.F. Hutton. We asked you here because we discovered something which I think will be of great interest to you all.
Last weekend I was asked to drive another Hutton VIP to Gary’s cabin. The following day we accidentally discovered 20 videos in Gary’s home office. Each video was a recording of everything that happened in the guest room.” Kathy said, looking at the women around her.
Concern flashed across the faces of a few of the women. Some of them couldn’t remember what hd happened, it was so long ago.
“Each video was a recording that Gary made with a hidden camera in the guest room. They all have you having sex with another man. Don’t deny that you had sex, as Gina and I have seen all the tapes, and they all have a recording of whatever you guys did in the supposed privacy of the bedroom.”
“Oh my god! This has been tormenting me for years. I quit right after that.” Sharon said tearing up.
The other women lost in their own thoughts were silent looking at Sharon. One of the others reached out to Sharon trying to comfort her.
“We’ve asked you here so we can plan what to do about this. We all would like to bury this, but Gary has to pay for what he’s done.” Gina said.
“Let’s kill the son of a bitch!” One called Candy, said quietly.
“Gina and I have tried to contact every person in the videos, but we don’t know them all, so I would like you six to review some of the faces in the tapes and see if you can help us identify the other women. We don’t need to watch the entire tapes, but usually you can see the faces when they enter the guest room.”
Gina walked over to the VCR and turned it on. The familiar scene of a couple walking into the bedroom flashed on the television.
“That is Dolores. She worked as a cashier when I was there.” Candy said.
“Can you reach her?” Kathy asked.
“I don’t know. I have to think about it.”

By the end of the evening they had identified half of the women on the tapes. They decided to meet again in a few days to see if they could identify some of the others, after having the recent arrivals review the tapes.

A week later Kathy woke when her phone rang at 7 a.m.
“Oh dear. I woke you up. I’m sorry. This is Paul Dunbar.”
“Hello Paul, no problem. It’s nice to hear your voice.” Kathy said.
“I was wondering how things are going, and if you need anything.”
Well, lots of developments here. We’ve found all the women. They all agreed to our plans.  So far we’ve started the lawsuit against Hutton and Gary. Our lawyer says that Hutton will want to settle quickly. They are planing on discussing this with Hutton next week before they file the lawsuit here. I am planning on contacting Gary’s wife this week to show her the videos, if she can’t find the one we left hidden in the office. Our lawyer mentioned that we shouldn’t mention you, or Hutton may have a problem with you after they get served. Is that ok with you?”
“Sure. I just want to help. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Do you need anything else? Money?”
“No thanks. The women have pooled their resources to deal with this. We are covered.”
“Ok. Let me know if you need anything at all. You have my number.”
“Bye, Paul and thanks for everything. You were a gentleman. I never thanked you for that.”
Paul signed off, grateful not to be involved further. His customers probably would not relish the thought that their broker would be involved with any type of scandal, regardless of his involvement.

A year later, Paul was having dinner with Alan, the Chief Legal Counsel for the firm at a restaurant downtown, near the Hutton office.
“Didn’t you go skiing in Colorado last year? At one point I think you considered moving there, right?” Alan said while they were having coffee.
“Yes, why?” Paul said nervously.
“Incredible story. Have you heard anything about it?” Alan said.
“No, what story?” Paul said.
“It seems that Gary, the branch manager, videotaped the sexual going-ons of guests in his guest room at his cabin on the mountains.” Alan said.
“No way!” Paul said feigning surprise.
“Yes. Gary drugged his staff and made them have sex with his clients. Then he taped it all!”
“Holy shit!” Paul said.
“Yes, some seriously pissed off women. First they sent a tape to Gary’s wife, and she promptly divorced him. Seems there was a fidelity clause in their pre-nup, so she got all the money and the two houses they had. Then the aggrieved women filed a lawsuit against Gary and Hutton. Hutton decided to settle with the women immediately, to avoid the publicity, however the DA went after Gary with criminal charges.”
“Wow. Is he going to jail?” Paul asked.
“Yes, he’s already in jail pending trial they would’t give him bail, since he’s considered a sex offender. But you haven’t heard the best part.” Alan said laughing.
“What is it?” Paul said.
“It seems that somebody gave Gary a date-rape drug at a bar, and took him to an abandoned warehouse and tattooed him.”
“Tattooed him? Why?”
“They tattooed “Pervert” on his forehead, and “Fuck me” on his butt cheeks. They wanted his new cell mates to know the kind of man he was.” Alan said smiling.


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