Welcome to my writing blog. This is a work in progress.  In this blog, I will work on my craft and find my voice.

A few years ago, I published my first novel, The Arabian Caper, on Amazon. This is a true story about some events that happened to a client of mine when I was a broker. My second novel,  The Wayward Marine, also on Amazon, is my story about going to the US and joining the Marine Corps.

My first fiction novel, A Convenient Death, is about a bar owner, turned reluctant detective, called Paco O’Reilly who lives in Miami and solves a decade-old murder. The second Paco O’Reilly novel, called The Last Tango on Crooked Island, is a story about Paco O’Reilly trying to find a missing woman, who disappeared in the Bahamas.  My third Paco O’Reilly novel, Just One More Thing, is about Paco’s adventures in Mexico. The final Paco O’Reilly novel, The Yellow Raincoat, brings all the previous ones together in one explosive ending.

My last novel is called Murder at the IRS.

These all are available on Amazon, in paperback, and on Kindle.

Enjoy it and come back often.

Peter Dunev


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