About Peter Dunev

About Peter Dunev



Peter Dunev is a Spain-born writer and novelist. He has published seven books to date, thematizing his life experiences and vividly presenting his interests in well-thought-of detective stories. 

His seven published books reflect his exuberant life, leading the readers to new perspectives in which they find the exceptionally well-created characters. With military and detective-themed titles prevailing in his writing opus, he provides the readers with locations and situations that fully display his diverse background and quickly leads the reader through new experiences. 

Dunev was exposed to several cultural settings throughout his life – living in Spain, England, Morocco, the Philippines, the Middle East, U.S.A, and Mexico. He is also a former US Marine helicopter pilot, stockbroker, and diver. In addition, he is a husband and a father to four incredible children.

His autobiographical novel, “The Wayward Marine,” offers different views on the Vietnam war and shows how being exposed to different life paths can change your views on survival and conflict. The last published book, his seventh, “Murder at the I.R.S.” Dunev appeals to all readers who have experienced swindlers and love a good crime story. 

His easy-to-read novels provide the readers with adrenaline-filled mystery stories, mind-twisting narratives and challenge the cultural shell all of us fall in sometimes. Since retiring from Wall Street, he is now a dedicated writer who is comfortably settled and loving life in San Miguel de Allende in the central highlands of Mexico.



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